During this course the student will be informed about fundamentals of traffic flow theory and basis methods for dimensioning the basic types of traffic areas. Starting with vehicle movement as a movement of mass point in the space, the theory of traffic flow covers the knowledge to understand, measure and present the important traffic flow characteristics. Beside the general review of different models, the main aim emphasizes fundamental equation and fundamental diagram.

The general and detailed professional knowledge about traffic dimensioning is presented in the second part of the course. The main emphasis is dedicated to dimensioning the basic road segment (outside urban areas) and dimensioning different type of non-signalised intersections. Two different types of methodology will discuss HCM – Highway capacity manual (TRB) and HBS as German HCM. Seminar work will cover analyses of real traffic environment and usage of different computer applications (HCS and Sidra Intersection).



The course will cover the following topics:

  • Conception and tasks of traffic technique,
  • Traffic flow theory, definition, basis parameters and characteristics of traffic flow
  • Fundamental diagram (models speed – flow, speed – density, flow – density)
  • Basis of traffic flow modelling – determining and stochastic models
  • Traffic dimensioning – conception of capacity of traffic areas and its implementation into the project of transportation infrastructure
  • Dimensioning of basic roadway segments (uninterrupted flow) – two lane roads based on HCM2010 and HBS, usage of HCS2010,
  • Dimensioning of non-signalised intersection (interrupted flow) – Method of critical gaps, AWSC and TWSC intersection based on HCM2010 and HBS, roundabouts based on HCM2010 and HBS, Usage of SIDRA INTERSECTION



  • Presentation of all lecturers in english
  • FHWA, Revised Monograph on Traffic Flow Theory,
  • Transport Research Board: Highway Capacity Manual 2010, Washington DC, 2010
  • Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen und Verkehrswesen, HBS – Handbuch für die Bemessung von Strassenverkehrsanlagen, Köln, 2005
  • Brilon W., Ausgewählte Kapitel aus der Theorie des Verkehrsflusses, Ruhr – Universität Bochum, 1998
  • SIDRA INTERSECTION User guide, Akcelik & Associates Pty Ltd, 2012
  • HCS 2010 User guide, McTRANS, University of Florida, 2012