Trinity Tower, designed by students S. Podgoršek, U. Pokeržnik, M. Salkanović, P. Zorman.

The course covers the basic methods, models and eurocodes about structural design of timber buildings. Basic structural systems of timber buildings are deeply presented and compared to each other. All load-beaing timber and composite elements are analysed including experimental results and numerical studies. Main focus of the course is a student project work on a real problemm (for a company or a municipality), including calculations of all possible load actions, load-bearing capacity of all structural elements and seismic resistance of the structure. The projects can be done in  a combination with the students from the architectural department. Some examples of the previous student projects for municipalities and companies are presented below.



  • Timber buildings around the world. Basic structural timber systems.
  • Cross-laminated structural elements.
  • Prefabricated timber-frame load-bearing elements (floor and wall elements). Design methods.
  • Prefabricated timber-framed wall elements. Influence of fasteners disposition, influence of the sheathing boards.
  • Multi-level timber buildings. Methods of strengthening (steel and CFRP diagonals). Design methods.
  • Load-bearing timber-glass floor and wall elements. Types of glass. Types of adhesives. Influence of bonding on load-bearing capacity. Simple calculations methods.
  • Timber towers. Basic structural systems and calculations methods.



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  • Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Projects “Educational Materials for Designing and Testing of Timber Structures – TEMTIS”, Handbook 1 – Timber Structures, 2008.
  • EN 1995-1-1:2004 (E), Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures, Part 1-1: General – Common rules and rules for buildings.
  • Student projects from previous years (in English).


Multi-purpose timber building for Municipality of Podlehnik; designed by students U. Gomboc, P. Šegula Sršen, M. Štefl, P. Harnik, M. Pukšič.


Visualization of the Single-family House Marles, winning project for company Marles; designed by students Maša Kresnik and Sanda Moharić.