The course will be presented with methods of complex architecture design in the field of different types of residential buildings. The Studio offers detailed insight in design methods of residential architecture discovering cultural diversity and multilayer development of residential architecture through time with the help of examples from allover the world. The detailed theory regarding residential architecture leads to the individual student projects consisting of the design proposal for complex residential structure – from the choice of typology, form, placement, and function to the design of architectural details. Projects must follow the initial task, building codes, protection of cultural heritage and urban planing regulations.



The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to residential and housing architecture
  • Examples of housing around the world
  • Examples of housing in Slovenia
  • Examples of one family houses around the world
  • Examples of one family houses in Slovenia
  • Typlology of residential buildings
  • Laws and building codes
  • Piranesi architecture award
  • Residential buildings in Vienna, Berlin and Belgrade
  • Sustainable architecture in Vorarlberg
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Residential buildings and art
  • Experimental architecture



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