The topics of multifamily residential buildings are presented with regard to their organisation and housing standards including the relationship between the users and the quality of dwellings from different views. The main concepts of designing and planning of residential buildings are presented, based on different approaches to planning and designing of residential buildings added by typical examples of multifamily buildings.



  • Selected topics of the multifamily residential building in view of different architecture typology.
  • Residential building from aspects of urbanism, architecture, design, sociology, technology etc.
  • Analyses of contents by different thematics: dwelling as basic cell; dwelling’s functions, disposition and organization; functional relationships between dwelling and building, recommendations concerning orientation, insulation, illumination.
  • Individual residential building (regarding building design, connecting with chosen environment, basic functional characteristics of houses, content layout, house types, concepts of organizing spaces, mass construction, twin houses, row houses, line houses, known real-case scenarios).
  • Multi-housing (short history of multi-housing development, flat organization characteristics, typology in urban space, functional design, flexibility/variability in organization of a residential plan, dilemma, new guidelines for improvement)



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