ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)


Based on the desire to accommodate this increasing demand for transport and mobility in a sustainable and an economically viable way, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have emerged. Hence, it is indispensible for transportation professionals and city planners to be aware of existing intelligent transportation technologies and their potential. In this course, the student obtains an overview of services and technologies known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS related topics such as travel and traffic information, public transportation management, fleet & freight management, demand management, road and road traffic management, and cooperative driving are introduced and discussed. Afterwards, more in depth study of Automated Vehicle Identification, Detection and Classification (AVI, AVD and AVC), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) follows. As a result, the student will be able to understand the potentials, challenges and limitations of ITS use in Transportation Engineering practice.



The course will cover the following topics:

Smart Cities – Urban traffic management systems

  • Urban traffic management: services
  • Traffic detection, classification, monitoring, controlling
  • Congestion parking charging,
  • Excursion/field work – traffic management centre (TMC) in Maribor

Traffic managements systems on long distance corridors

  • Advanced Traffic management system on motorways
  • Advanced Traffic management systems in tunnels
  • Weather information systems, Weigh in Motion systems, Tolling
  • Excursion / field work – TMC of DARS (Slovenian motorway company)


Advanced Public Transport System (APTS)

  • Electronic ticketing technology
  • E _ payment systems
  • Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) and Public Transport Priority Systems
  • Real time passenger information systems (RTPI)
  • Excursion / field work – RTPI design in Maribor

Advanced traveller information system (ATIS)

  • Journey planners
  • Route guidance


Selected emerging / enabling ITS technologies

  • Video Image Processing (VIP)



  • Collection of slides of the lectures
  • Selection of articles from ITS International available online at:
  • Additional texts given by invited experts
  • Traffic detector Handbook. Available online at: