To occupy elementarily knowledge of geodesy above all knowledge coordination systems, measuring of corners, of high-altitude differences, cartography, orientation, use and design of geodetic plans and of bases of geodesy for civil engineering.



The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Subject and tasks of geodesy
  2. Surveying activities in Slovenia
  3. Surveying work in civil engineering
  4. National coordinate systems and projections
  5. About measurements
  6. Heights measurements
  7. Measurement instruments and tehniques
  8. Maps and plans, cartography and cartometry
  9. Basics of deformation measurements
  10. Geodetic points and geodetic network
  11. Detail topographic survey of the terrain (polar, orthogonal)
  12. Precision and accuracy
  13. Designing of geodetic plans
  14. Ingeneer measurements
  15. Angle and distance measurements
  16. Advanced works in geodesy
  17. GNSS surveying
  1. Statistics in geodesy


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