The objective of this course is to understand the environmental vulnerability and sustainable development, to

identify potential traffic impacts on environment, to know state-of-the-art methods for assessment, reduction

and prevention of traffic impacts on environment and to acquire ability for creative solution of interdisciplinary


On completion of this course the student will be able to recognise the link between land use, nature and

biodiversity, quality of life and environmental protection, to recognise the traffic impacts on environment, to

recognise environmentally appropriate and inappropriate construction activities, to demonstrate understanding

of measures, limitations and bans for reduction and prevention of harmful impacts on environment, to apply

environmental legal basis, recommendations, reports and data basi, to apply theoretical and practical knowledge

in transport practices.



The course will cover the following topics:

  • natural and social definition of the environment,
  • environmental vulnerability,
  • principles and significance of sustainable environmental development: ideas, definitions, and instruments for its implementation,
  • analyses of environmental problems, referred to climate changes, nature and biodiversity, quality of life and waste,
  • analyses of legal environmental regulations and programs,
  • environmental information systems. Environmental impact assessment,
  • traffic impacts on the environment,
  • measures, limitations and bans for protection of natural resources and for prevention and reduction of contaminant emissions into the air, soil and waters,
  • inclusion of ecological principles into engineering activities: examples of best and worse practices,
  • analyzes of applied-research projects from the environmental and traffic field of work.



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