During this course the students will acquire fundamental theoretical knowledge of cableway (cable cars) and cableway transport. Lectures will cover different types, basic elements and key conditions for safety operation and maintenance of cableways for carrying persons, possibilities of using cableways in public transport in urban areas.

Lectures and exercises are foreseen, where theoretically gained knowledge strengthens on concrete instances. Students in frame of exercises finish also seminar paper, that he comprises fieldwork and analysis of concrete realistic example.



The course will cover the following topics:

  • Historical development of cableways for carrying persons
  • Role, meaning and characteristics of cableway transportation system.
  • Types of cableway devices
  • Cableway transportation system in the world and in Slovenia (number and types, capacity)
  • Jurisdiction on the field of cableway system for carrying persons (European directive, national legislation, standardisation)
  • Technical and technological characteristics of cableways (subsystems and safety elements, conditions for safety operation)
  • Operation and maintenance of cableways carrying persons
  • Mechanical basis of cableways
  • Using cableways in public transport.
  • Presentation of the seminar work.