BIM project for construction and infrastructure


The course is a follow-up to the BIM course and is project-based oriented. In the course students are

introduced to real-life AECO project (Architecture, Engneering, Construction, Operation) contributed

by design, consultant and/or construction contractor companies. Depending on the nature of the

availbale projects (building, infrastructure, as-designed, as-built), the project documentation is first

analysed and proper BIM approach is defined. In the next phase the BIM approach is applied either to

new or existing BIM models (from previous courses). The work always considers a federated BIM

approach with use of a BIM server. Students work in groups to focus on specific sub-models that at

the end integrate to a complete BIM model.




  • Digital data for building and infrastructure object projects (digital terrain model, ortho-photos,

digital model of the city, clouds of 3D points).

  • Technical specifications and BIM standards for infrastructure objects (LandXML, OpenINFRA, IFC

(ifcBridge, ifcRoad)).

  • BIM software for infrastructure objects (BIM tools for parametric modeling infrastructure:

Autodesk Infraworks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Subassembly Composer, programming (if


  • BIM software for building objects (BIM tools for parametric modeling of buildings: Autodesk

Revit, ArhiCAD, Ecotec, Infraworks, MS Project, Navisworks, Rhino / Grasshoper).

  • BIM Project: design and

implementation of BIM model for

buildings and/or civil engineering

(infrastructure) objects. Projects

are obtained in collaboration with




  • Bimal Kumar, Practical Guide to Adopting BIM in Construction Projects, Whittles Publishing, 2015
  • Priročniki za programsko opremo iz področja BIM/ Manuals for BIM software Dodatna
  • buildingSMART Standards,
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model — buildingSMART, buildingSMART. (2014).

  • OpenInfra initiative, IFC-Bridge & IFC for Roads Infrastructure room.,