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The courses from the ​​Bachelor’s degree can be chosen by all students, the courses from Master’s degree only by postgraduate students who have finished the Bachelor’s degree or the 3rd / the 4th year of study.

When choosing your subjects, please pay attention to the semester, winter (W) or summer (S). Not all lectures are held in English; in this case individual or group consultations are provided. The exams, projects and other studens obligations should be done in English, so the expected level of English is B2.

Proposal for research / projects papers for Bachelor degree students:
Proposal for research / projects papers for Master degree students:
  • ​Traffic environment dimensioning, contact Prof. Dr. Drago Sever; e-mail:
  • Building structures, contact Mateja Držečnik; e-mail:
  • Traffic Safety Analysis – Case Studies, contact Prof. Dr. Matjaž Šraml; e-mail:
  • Sustainability City Mobility Plans, contact Prof. Dr. Matjaž Šraml; e-mail:

Application procedure for academic year 2017/2018 

Participating countries are the Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.


Application procedure

Online Application Instructions

  1. Apply for individual password.-
  2. Complete electronic Application Form – it’s actually Learning Agreement(Student exchange program: Erasmus+ study). – you have to send us our version of Learning Agreeme The majority of chosen subjects in your LA has to be from the faculty that covers study areas, specified in the Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement between your home university and the University of Maribor.
  3.  Choose your study units.Please check if the subject is offered in the right semester – CLICK ON THE INFO BUTTON BEFORE SELECTING THE SUBJECT!YOU CAN CHOOSE SUBJECTS FROM UP TO 3 DIFFERENT FACULTIES.​
  4.  Print out the fully completed Application Form (Learning Agreement).
  5. Obtain signature from Erasmus+ academic coordinator at your home university. UNIVERSITY STAMP IS ALSO OBLIGATORY!
  6. Request a Transcript of Records from your home university. The transcript can be in any form including computer print outs from your university registry’s office. It must be in English.
  7. We require an assessment of your English language skills (on the level of B1 at least in line with CEFR) , so you can either (choose 1 option only):
    – send us a document, stating your English language knowledge level, signed and stamped by English teacher from your home institution;
    – send us a copy of any English language certificate you might have, but it shouldn’t be older than two years.
    Printed results of your OLS test are not valid!
    Please note that if we, after your arrival to the University of Maribor, assess that your English language skills are below the level you will state in one of the above mention documents (so the information you will send us is not true), we can decide you are no longer welcome as Erasmus+ student at the University of Maribor.
  8. Make a copy of your identity document (identity card or passport).
  9.  All required documents:
    Application Formwith selected subjects (Learning Agreement) – signed and stamped by home university!
    Online Application Instructions
    Transcript of Records
    Certificate of your English language knowledge (see step 7)
    Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport)

must be sent by your Erasmus coordinator to the following email address: All documents have to be in PDF format. 


1st July (for visa applicants – 1st June)

2nd semester: 1st December (for visa applicants – 1st November)

Admission procedure

Your documents will be reviewed by the main International Relations Office and by the selected host faculty. In case you are accepted for Erasmus study at the University of Maribor, we will send you an Erasmus acceptance letter and signed Learning Agreement (sent via normal post, to home address).
You will be informed about the accommodation possibilities when receiving your Erasmus+ acceptance letter and other needed documents.