A Word from the Dean

It was back in 1960, when the higher education program of Civil Engineering begun on the just founded Higher technical school. One hundred and twenty eight freshmen started their study in a tight leased classroom with no laboratories and with very modest equipment. The teaching staff was scarse and mostly constituted of excellent practitioners from the design and building firms, and research was only at the very beginning.
Eight years later the Department of Civil Engineering got its first laboratory. Since then, the Civil Engineering study programme underwent rapid changes. In 1973, the Technical College was transformed into a Higher Technical School, while in 1975 first students were enrolled in second degree studies. It was the same year that we became full members of the recently established University of Maribor and seven years later we were able to introduce a postgraduate study. In 1985, the school was given the name Technical Faculty of the University of Maribor. 
A milestone for the university occurred in 1993; beside the conventional Civil Engineering study programme, two new programmes were introduced – Traffic Engineering and Industrial Engineering within Civil Engineering. The latter was carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University in Maribor.
In 1995, four departments of the Technical Faculty agreed to be constituted into independent faculty bodies. Among them was the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Maribor. Over the next ten years, the Faculty experienced rapid growth reflected in the increase of the number of students and graduates; taking into account all the levels and stages of the study programme, more than 3000 students attended the school since its beginnings in 1960. Correspondingly, the scientific and research activity was rapidly growing as well and the involvement of the faculty in international relationships intensified. The year 2007 saw another important step – study programmes were reformed in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and several new study programmes were introduced. Another milestone was introducing the study programme Architecture which we believe will become an integral part of the study programmes offered by our Faculty.
The Faculty staff is especially delighted that the Chair of Geotechnics under the leadership of editor-in-chief Professor Trauner has been publishing the international scientific magazine Acta Geotechnica Slovenica for five consecutive years now and that since 2009 the magazine is also included in two databases by Thomson ISI, namely the Science Citation Index Expanded and the Journal Citation Reports (Science Edition), where articles are currently being examined in order to determine their impact factor.
Our Faculty is aware that contentment with the objectives we have already achieved means the end of our continuous development. Therefore, we gaze into the future. We firmly believe that our development will be further stimulated by the reorganization and integration of natural science and technical studies in Maribor.
Activities of the Faculty
The activities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at the University of Maribor focus on higher education and research in the field of civil engineering, traffic and transportation engineering as well as architecture. The Faculty carries out university study programmes Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, whereas the interdisciplinary programme Industrial Engineering within Civil Engineering is realized together with the Faculty of Economics and Business. The programmes Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering provide the opportunity to obtain higher professional education.
Additionally, we execute international, national and regional scientific and development research programmes and draw up elaborates as well as issue expert and professional opinions for institutions, companies and other clients all within the framework of our research programmes.
The Faculty’s efforts for constant improvements are steeped in principles of consistency, integrity, open-mindedness and international compatibility.
Mission of the Faculty
The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor, creates, develops and expands engineering know-how in the field of civil engineering and related engineering areas and strives to transfers it in the best possible way to our students and into discipline in order to enrich life and creative work of graduates and economy.​
Moreover, our Faculty pursues the goal to carry out its scientific and research activity in a manner that would contribute to the global treasury of knowledge at an international scale and that would be reflected in innovative design and learning which are fundaments for the progress of society in the field of our activity.
Vision of the Faculty
The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor, will be recognizable both nationally and internationally in the field of civil engineering and related engineering areas and it will be comparable with the best faculties worldwide in certain specific areas. Our educational and research programmes will be developed and realized in line with the highest standards of engineering and human values, in close cooperation with discipline and related institutions, with responsible, mentor-student relationship and collegial staff relations to activate and develop motivation, potentials, knowledge, understanding, creativity and competence of students, teachers and researchers.​
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